Wrestling season recapped
By Tessica Nuxoll
The 2006 wrestling season has now ended.  Taking home 28 medals and 1 state medal this year, the 9 wrestlers did well.  Coaches’ Steve Lamont, Dan Altman and Joe Matson helped and put a lot of time into the boys this season.  Stat girls this year were Shandrie Poxleitner, Kristi Poxleitner and Kim Altman.James Jackson, state medalist, during one of his matches at State.
Wrestling this year was Dominick Klinkefus at 112, 119 was James Jackson, Michael Matson at 135, Anthony Duman at 140, 160 was Jacob Wimer, Curtis Nuxoll at 171, 189 was Logan Lustig and Chance Ratcliff and heavy weight was Ronnie Chandler.
Dominick has a record of 1 and 19, receiving 2 takedown points throughout the season and 3 escape, 3 reversal, 2 nearfall and 2 penalty points.  He wrestled 20 kids throughout the season and was a state qualifier.
James’s record this season was 32 and 8.  He had 31 takedown points awarded, 17 escapes, 27 reversal, 27 nearfall and 3 penalty points throughout the season.  He wrestled 46 kids, was a state qualifier and came home with 6th place.  Congratulations!
Michael holds a record of 13 and 13.  Michael received 15 takedown points, 4 escape, 20 reversal, 14 nearfall, and 4 penalty points this season.  Michael wrestled 26 kids this season.
Anthony’s record was 18 and 16 this season and received 30 takedown points. 9 escape, 12 reversal, 22 nearfall and 0 penalty points this season.  He was a state qualifier and wrestled 34 kids overall.
Jake has a record of 13 and 23 this season.  He had 20 takedown points, 9 escape, 7 nearfall and 3 penalty points received this season.  Overall Jake wrestle 36 kids.
Curtis holds a record of 5 and 24, with receiving 17 takedown points, 4 escape, 16 nearfall and 0 penalty points this season.  He overall wrestled 29 kids during the season.
Logan’s record is 17 and 13 with receiving 20 takedown points, 8 escape, 14 reversal, 37 nearfall and 1 penalty point this season.  Logan was a state qualifier and wrestled 30 kids overall.
Chance holds a record of 12 and 20 this season.  He had 14 takedown points, 4 escape, 13 reversal, 7 nearfall and 5 penalty points received.  Chance wrestled 22 kids and was a state qualifier.
Ronnie had a record of 7 and 27 this season and received 10 takedown points, 7 escape, 6 reversal, 2 nearfall and 2 penalty points this season altogether.  He was a state qualifier and had wrestled 34 kids.
They wrestled kids from Grangeville, Potlatch, Lewiston, Clarkston, CV, Kamiah, Orofino, Caldwell, New Meadows, McCall, Joseph Oregon, Glennsferry, Parma, Aberdeen, Pullman and Moscow.  Good job wrestlers on a great season and Good Luck next year.

Prairie hosts tournament
Prairie 5th /6th grade boys and girls hosted a 20-team basketball tournament here in Cottonwood this past weekend, March 3rd and 4th. 5th grade players with their coaches.
With the help of many volunteers: parents, relatives, friends, and student body members, Prairie kept all three Cottonwood gymnasiums full of activity.  In the 5th grade girls’ division Prairie took 2nd and 3rd place, coached by Mike Kaschmitter who celebrated his birthday Saturday getting ever-so-close to that ½ century mark.
The 6th grade girls, coached by Michelle Schaeffer, walked away with 2nd place after four close games with Genesee and Grangeville.  
In the boys’ division Prairie 5th divided into two separate teams, coached by Mike VanderPas and Kevin Chaffee, taking 2nd and 3rd places.  
The 6th grade boys, coached by Dina Frei and Rusty Lorentz, took 4th place over Craigmont. 
The 8th grade boys, coached by Roger Holthaus, took 1st place. 
All of the players played a lot of ball and had a great learning experience!  A HUUUGE “Thank-You” to all of the coaches, score-keepers, concession stand workers, officials, clock keepers, gate keepers, parents, Cash & Carry, and Riener’s Grocery, for making this tournament a huge success and raising  $3,000 to help purchase new jerseys and get these teams to other tournaments.

10-at Orofino Tourn.-vs. Grangeville 3 p.m.; vs. Potlatch 5 p.m.
11-at Orofino Tourn.
13-at Culdesac, 4 p.m.
16-at Kamiah, 4 p.m.
21-at C.V., 4 p.m.
6-Timberline, here, 4:30 p.m.
8-Genesee, here, 11 a.m.
11-Lewis County here, 4:30 p.m.
13-at Genesee, 4:30 p.m.
15-Troy here, 2 games, 11 a.m.
18-Culdesac here, 4:30 p.m.
20-at Lewis County, 4:30 p.m.
22-at Kendrick, 11 a.m.
25-at Timberline, 4:30 p.m.
27-Kamiah, here, 4 p.m.
2-Kendrick, here 4 p.m.
5-13-District-Rds. 1 & 2 at #1 and #2 seeds, finals at Kendrick.
18-20-State at Lewiston

23-at Kamiah, 4 p.m.
4-at Kamiah, 4 p.m.
8-Clearwater River Invitational at Kamiah, 10 a.m.
15-J. Stewart Invite, Payette, 9:30 a.m. MDT
18-at Lapwai, 4 p.m.
22-Lewis & Clark Games at Kamiah, 10 a.m.
25-White Pine League Meet at Lapwai, 4 p.m.
29-Kamiah Invitational at Kamiah, 10 a.m.
4-Area Best at Lewiston, 3 p.m.
12-13-Regionals at Kamiah, 4 p.m. Friday, 10 a.m. Saturday
19-20-State at Boise

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