Sorority attends Circle of Life Tour
Recently nine members of the Xi Beta Rho Sorority attended an hour long Circle of Life Tour sponsored by the St. Mary’s Hospital Foundation.  The behind-the-scenes tour featured hospital and clinic staff including Dr. Andy Jones; Cindi Crumm, CNA; Marilyn Kreiger, Lab; and Larry Kidd, CFO.Membes of Xi Beta Rho Sorority attended the recent Circle of Life Tour.
“Everyone who took the tour said they really enjoyed learning more about the hospital and health care,” said Brenda Kaschmitter, Sorority President.  “I took the tour, once before, as an employee and I learned a lot I didn’t know.  Taking the tour this time, I learned even more because you hear things from a different perspective each time a different employee explains what they do and why and how they do it.”
The SMH Foundation began sponsoring the hour long tours as a way to educate the community about health care issues and to build support for local health care.  According to Jim May, SMHC Foundation Development Director, that support can take different forms.  “Our first goal is to open our doors and encourage the public to develop a deeper understanding of how health care happens on a daily basis,” said May.  “Another goal is to provide avenues for people to become part of that effort by continuing to use our services, by acting as our ambassadors within the community and through financial support by joining our Healing Legacy Program.” 
The Healing Legacy program relies on planned giving and pledged financial support.  “Our hope is to build an ongoing program of support to ensure that we’ll be here to provide for parents, grandparents and on through the next generations,” said May.
The next SMHC Foundation tours are scheduled for Wednesday, April 5 at 12:30 p.m.; Wednesday, April 19 at 5:30 p.m. and Wednesday, May 3 at 8:00 a.m.  If anyone is interested in attending, please call the hospital, 962.3251 and ask for ext. 245, Jim May or ext. 327, Cheri Holthaus.  Tours for social and civic groups or businesses can also be arranged.

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