Lessons learned from Rex
In the days preparing for Rex Bunney’s funeral service many of us care-providers got together and shared our stories or the lessons Rex had taught us. Some of us decided to share those stories with those at the service, but as the service grew near we were having a hard time deciding just what lesson or story to tell.  Because we did not want to rattle on, the decision was made to create a book to share the stories and lessons we were taught with others. 
The day of the service to remember Rex’s life this decision to create a book became finalized and plans were made.
As our plans were shared with family and friends some inspirational conversations made it clear.
An Answer to a question from Rex’s Sister Barb
Barb asked Rex one day
“How can you start everyday with so much optimism”
Rex Replied;
“Look Barb all these people I have caring for me are because of me!”
From his Sister-in-law Alice:
Rex and I talked about writing a book about his life and I asked him to share those stories with me on email, after a few months Alice told Rex that she had not received anything yet, was there a problem.  Rex then told her that his memory was failing and that when he sat down to write he just could not remember any more.
We don’t want those memories to fade for us either so when you have a memory you would like to add to the book just email it to nmemoryofRex@hotmail.com and we will be forwarded to the family and included it in our book 
Well, I am not sure if he knew those of us that cared for him would learn so much from the job or opportunity he gave us, but this book will be dedicated to Rex Bunney and the lesson he taught us by giving us an opportunity to earn an extra dollar or share time with Rex after his accident. We will share all the stories with those that may find themselves in conditions like what Rex overcame.
As the emails come in, we will organize them and prepare for publishing. Books will then be published and given to those that become Quadriplegic to highlight the positive’s ahead.
Emails can be sent: The Lessons I Learned From Rex Bunney by ___________ to
nmemoryofRex@hotmail.com . or Hard Copies can be mailed to The lessons I Learned from Rex Bunney In care of Melinda Sonnen PO Box 452 Cottonwood,  Idaho 83522.  Please include a little background information to help us organize the lessons.
Melinda, Kiley, Yvette, Koari, Angie, Judy, Darci

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