Book on Camas Prairie Railroad in the works
The Ilo-Vollmer Historical Society in Craigmont has suddenly become inspired to start a new project and is asking for your help.
Engineer Byron Bovey has been collecting newspaper articles about the Camas Prairie railroad for a number of years, and he has decided that there are enough of them to publish.  The book will be called High Line of the Camas Prairie Railroad, because that is what the portion of the route from Culdesac to Grangeville used to be known as.  
A great deal of information about building the railroad in the early 1900s will be included in the book.  There will also be a number of previously unpublished pictures, and Brakeman Dick Southern and Conductor Shelley Kuther, along with the Ilo-Vollmer Historical Society, are making their collection of railroad photos available.
If you have any news articles about the High Line that you would be willing to share, please get on board with this project by calling one of the three people mentioned in this article.  By citing the date of a news article, it could easily be determined if it had already been found.  Articles dating from the inception of the railroad until the last train crossed Lawyers Canyon Bridge are being sought.
Old pictures are of especial interest.  If you have any railroad pictures, the group would like to see them.  Even if they are duplicates of what has already been collected, your photo may be dated or have other information that would be of great help.  
This project is going full steam ahead and will hopefully be finished in the next several months, so donít get stuck in the caboose and miss out on helping with this project.  Please call Byron Bovey at 924-7336, Shelley Kuther at 924-5474, or Dick Southern at 924-5625 for more information.

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