Fire Safety at high school
By Colleen Terhaar
On Thursday, March 16, 2006, Terry Cochran and some members from the Cottonwood Volunteer Fire Department came in to Prairie High to talk to us about Fire Safety.A couple of students dress up in the fire safety equipment. The paper on their facemasks simulates the lack of visibility entering a burning building.
 They explained that majority of house fires start in the kitchen, usually due to unattended stoves or ovens.  The number one cause of house fires that kills is cigarette smoking. 
 One great inhalation of smoke can knock you out, making it impossible for you to escape from the burning house.
 In the event of a fire, each family should have an escape plan.  There should be two ways to escape from one room; most common are the door, and the window.  Included in the escape plan should be a meeting place, so that everybody will know if there is anyone left in the house.
 Every house should have a fire extinguisher by the kitchen and on each level of the house, easily accessible.  Each house should also have smoke detectors.  One on each level of the house and in the kitchen. 
 The high school would like to thank to Rod Behler; Chief fire fighter, Greg Sonnen; Co-Chief, Ron Grant; Safety Officer, Ed Holthaus, and Terry Cochren, for taking time out of your day to come and educate us on fire safety!

Two students in firemen's gear save "victim" Zak Waller.

First Psychology Fair held
By Jami Riener
The Prairie High School Psychology classes had their first psychology fair.  Heather Schumacher and Sarah Forsmann with their psych fair exhibit.The students collected data on certain topics and made presentations on those topics.  Colleen Terhaar and Jami Riener did their presentation on palm reading which was surprisingly accurate for most people; Robert Roeper’s topic was Ink Blots, Natavia Klinkefus did Single-Blind Experiments, Jalisa Wright’s presentation was on memory, Dakota Klinkefus and Ariel Whitley had some awesome smelling aromatherapy and showed how each could benefit your life, and the list continues.  For the first hour the 7th and 8th graders came up to see what some of the High School students have been up to all year.  Overall the fair was a great opportunity to learn new things and was a great success. Mrs. Hinkleman said, “It went extremely well, the students were very prepared, and we received many compliments, I’M TICKLED!”

Tabitha Sonnen demonstrates to Eric Daly how all the senses are affected when it comes to taste. All photos on this page by Carly Behler.

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