SMHC requests patience
St. Mary’s and Clearwater Valley Hospitals and their seven satellite medical clinics have successfully launched another module of their new $1.3 million Meditech software system.  The admissions module requires new and updated information on each patient.
“We are requesting that patients arrive a bit early for their next appointment so we can gather the additional information.  We are not able to move the data from our old software system to the new system so we have to begin fresh,” said Theresa Uptmor, SMHC Clinics Coordinator.  “Everyone has been so patient with the process and we certainly appreciate that.”
The billing module also went live on March 1.  It’s been a gradual process.  Our staff and our patients deserve a big ‘thank you’ for the time and talent they have poured into the process of going live with the new system, said Uptmor.
The Meditech system will eventually produce electronic medical records that can be transmitted from one location to the next via computers and modems.  The EMRs will allow physicians to easily look up information on each patient.  The EMRs will also include digitized radiology images.
The next modules that will be implemented are lab and pharmacy.  Personnel from those departments are currently being trained.  As soon as those modules ‘go live’ lab results and prescriptions will be transmitted electronically from the lab to the patient’s electronic medical record and to the physician, rather than the current system of carrying paperwork from department to department.

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