Forum to Address the Idaho County Economy
Have you ever wondered what lies ahead for the economy of Idaho County? The role played in our economy by production, services, and transfer payments? What characteristics vibrant rural economies have in common? What we can do to create such an economy in Idaho County?
On April 24 at 7:00 p.m. at the Grangeville Senior Citizens Center, Idaho County residents can expand their understanding of the Idaho County economy with a panel of three rural economic development experts. Lorraine Roach of Grangeville will set the stage by first describing how an economy actually works.  Lorraine has over twenty years of experience in rural economic development and has directed such efforts as the design of the 2003-2007 strategic plan for Montana’s tourism and recreation industry. 
Steven Peterson, a faculty member of the University of Idaho’s College of Business and Economics, will next provide information on the details of the Idaho County economy, including data from a new report prepared for this forum by the Idaho Department of Commerce and Labor. Steve has helped conduct various studies related to economic issues in north central Idaho.
Following this background information of how an economy works and the details of our present economy, Beth Johnson from the Idaho Department of Commerce and Labor will review key ingredients of today’s successful rural economies — with implications for what we can do to create such an economy in our region. 
Also included will be an update of the activities of the Ida-Lew Economic Development Council, presented by past chair Jeff Kutner.
Following the presentations, members of the audience may address questions to the panel. Refreshments will be served at the conclusion of the program.
The evening is part of the Growing Our Understanding series of informational forums designed to help all county residents learn more about topics that directly impact the economic, social and physical well being of  Idaho County residents. Previous forums in the series addressed health care delivery and our public schools. The nonpartisan forums are sponsored by the Idaho County Democratic Party.
For additional information, please contact Ken Strauss at 983-0882 or  Linwood Laughy at 926-7875. 

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