Notes from Pat
Friday Cottonwood celebrates with the seniors at Prairie High School twelve years of work with graduation services starting at 7 p.m. in the high school gym.
Many of the students have spent the last 12 years together through thick and thin.  Others have joined the class during that time.
For some of the students, this will be a major high point in their lives, for others this is the first major step to other high points.  Some of them are college, marriage, first big job, first child, first house to be purchased and other big, big events.
So we wish each of you all the best as you move on to the next big day of your life.
New names and corrections were done Friday, May 19, to the memory plaque at the Veteranís Memorial in the City Park by several Lionís Club members.
Names added were Carl A. Duman, Gary Hattrup, Christopher Reed, Krystal Rehder and Kathleen (Reichlin) Steinke.
This coming weekend celebrates lives given in honor for the United States by many, many men and women in the past and present.  And reminds us of others who may and will give of themselves in the future.  Freedom is not given, but must be fought for again and again by each generation.
With schools closing for the summer, drive carefully near parks and play areas.  Children should look both ways before crossing but many donít.
May each of you enjoy come family time as the vacation season starts and the back yard grill is fired up.

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