Work of Human Hands sale set for August 6
St. Mary's Catholic Church of Cottonwood will be sponsoring a Work of Human Hands sale on Sunday, August 6th from 10am to 4 pm at the Monastery of St. Gertrude as a part of the arts and crafts sale of the Raspberry Festival.  The event will feature beautiful, fairly traded handcrafts made by low-income artisans from around the world.
Work of Human Hands is a partnership between Catholic Relief Services and SERRV International that promotes economic justice for low-income artisans overseas and advances an alternative approach to international trade through the sale of fairly traded handcrafts.
Under the conventional trading system, low-income artisans in less developed countries work long hours to produce goods for consumers in wealthy nations, but often earn less than a dollar per day.  The big profits go to the brokers, importers and retailers who rely on a system that pays low wages to producers and charges high prices to consumers like you.
Work of Human Hands is part of a Fair Trade movement that offers a clear and just alternative to the conventional system.  Fair Trade is based on direct relationships with low-income producers overseas.  It eliminates the intermediaries who exploit low-income producers and drive up the prices of the goods we buy.  It guarantees artisans a fair price for their products, access to credit and training and the stability of long-term relationships rooted in the principles of mutual respect and economic justice.  And it creates opportunities for us to make meaningful connections with the people overseas who produce the goods we consume here in the United States.
Please join us at the Work of Human Hands sale on August 6th at the Monastery.  With Work of Human Hands and Fair Trade, everyone wins--you get beautiful, fairly traded handcrafts and the people who produced them get hope for a better future for themselves and their families.
For more information on the Work of Human Hands sale at the Raspberry Festival, contact Loretta Poxleitner at 962-5937 or  For information on the Raspberry Festival activities contact The Historical Museum at 962-2050 or  For information about the Work of Human Hands program or hosting your own sale, see

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