Boarders reunion planned
Former boarder students who attended St. Gertrude’s Academy during the decade of the 1960s to the closing of the school will be getting together for a reunion on August 11 -13 at Spirit Center at the Monastery of St. Gertrude. Forty-four boarder students are currently registered to attend from as far away as Florida and Wisconsin.St. Gertrude’s Academy Panthers scored big against their opponent in basketball in 1970. Photo provided by St. Gertrude’s Monastery.
“The Reunion grew out of my connection with the girls who had lived in the Monastery during their high-school years,” said Sr. Angela Uhlorn who is organizing the reunion. “I found the e-mails of a few of the girls, and they in-turn found others, then the students – both men and women – began to ask if they could meet together at the Monastery.
“A reunion was born!”
Classmates of former boarder students are welcome to visit with their friends and acquaintances on Saturday evening, August 12, from 7:00 – 10:00 pm at Spirit Center.
“I can’t wait to hear the stories that will go around when the boarders and their classmates get together,” Sr. Angela quipped. “I’m certain that we will be re-energized by the joy of visiting and reconnecting with friends from our childhood.”

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