Meet the 2006 Royalty
Queen Bridget Enneking
“It has been a wonderful experience to be Idaho County Fair queen,” said 2005-2006 queen Bridget Marie Enneking of Cottonwood.Queen Bridget Enneking.
Enneking, the daughter of Pat and Lannette Enneking, graduated from Prairie High School in May.  Her grandma Viv Enneking and grandparents Lorenzo and Annabelle all live in Cottonwood, as well.  She also has three siblings: Jessica, 20, Kenneth, 16, and Jennifer, 15.
“I have had the privilege to explore all around Idaho County,” Enneking said.
“[Being queen] is not just about being pretty or having pretty dresses.  It’s a lot of work and you have fun doing many different activities.”
“The best thing about being royalty is getting to meet more people and to be able to set a good example for younger kids,” Enneking continued, encouraging other young girls to try out for royalty.  “Just remember you can do anything you put your mind to; nothing can stand in your way.”
Enneking has been involved in the Keuterville 4-H Club—which was her fair sponsor—and at school played volleyball and basketball for four years each and participated in track for two years.  She was also a member of Business Professionals of America and the Zoo Crew.  She is currently employed at the courthouse in Lewiston.
“The year has been unforgettable.  It has made me a stronger and better person,” Enneking said.  “I have had a wonderful privilege in representing Idaho County and I will never forget the experience.”

First Princess Tabitha Seubert
Tabitha Seubert has a secret hobby only a few people know about.
“I crochet,” she smiled.
First Princess Tabitha SeubertThe soon-to-be Prairie High School senior is the Idaho County Fair first princess.  She is the daughter of Shawn and Jill Seubert of Cottonwood.
“This year has taught me a lot,” she said.  “It has made me grow up and take on responsibilities as well as teaching me to spend money more wisely.”  
Seubert said when her sister, Lacey, now 19, served as a fair princess, it gave her a firsthand look at what it was all about.
“I watched how she did it and that really helped me figure things out,” she explained.
Seubert is one of four girls in her family.  Her oldest sister, Jamie, is 22, then Lacey, 19, and youngest is Brandee, 13.  Grandparents Delbert and Jeannette Nuxoll live in Keuterville and grandfather George Seubert is in Cottonwood.  She is sponsored by the Cottonwood Drifters 4-H Club.
In school Seubert is involved in softball, basketball, and volleyball.  She is employed as a CNA at St. Mary’s Hospital and is also an elementary school tutor.

Second Princess Tessica Nuxoll
Some once told Tessica Nuxoll, “You will appreciate everything you have let yourself become.”
Nuxoll, second princess for the Idaho County Fair 2005-2006, has found that to be true during the past year.Second Princess Tessica Nuxoll.
“The experience has been great and all the hard work is worth the fun and excitement you have,” she said.
The daughter of Archie and Monica Nuxoll of Cottonwood is a senior a Prairie High School.  She has been active in JV and varsity volleyball, served as wrestling photographer, student body secretary and treasurer, and is a member of Prairie League.  She is sponsored by the Cottonwood Drifters 4-H Club.
“Being a part of the 2006 royalty has made an impact on my life,” she explained.  “I have always wanted to be part of the royalty, and my dream came true.”
“I was able to represent Idaho County in many new places,” she added.  “I was able to show people how much fun our county is.  I feel this year has helped me to become more responsible and respectful.”
Nuxoll enjoys playing USA volleyball, working at the Hangout and A-1 Flowers and More, babysitting, being involved in 4-H, and is a poll volunteer.  Her grandparents live in the area: Delbert and Jeannette Nuxoll live in Keuterville and Larry and Gladys Sonnen live in Cottonwood.  She also has two brothers, Curtis, 15, and Colton, 13. 
Above articles taken from the Idaho County Fair Premium Book and were written by Lorie Palmer of the Idaho County Free Press.

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