GROW! 2006 groups are forming
What is GROW! 2006?  It’s an opportunity for adults of all backgrounds—an idea that stems from the fact that “No matter where you’re at, there’s always room to… GROW! 2006.”  How many adults lack confidence about their knowledge of the Catholic faith?  How many miss gathering with friends for RENEW 2000 meetings?  Or wish there was a Catholic religion class for adults?  GROW! 2006 offers a remedy.
 GROW! 2006 combines the small group atmosphere of RENEW 2000 with the structure of a religion class.  The result is newfound excitement in learning (or relearning) Catholicism.
 GROW! 2006 groups will choose between two available courses.  One course deals with the Basics of Catholic Faith—what Catholics believe about such topics as the Eucharist, Papal Authority, Purgatory, and Marian Doctrines, and why we believe as we do.  
The second course, a Bible Timeline Study, helps the learner take on the frame of mind of the people in the Bible and understand how the prophets, kings, and politics all come together to form the story of salvation history.  The outcome of the study is the ability to make connections between the books of the Bible and put chronological perspective on the Scriptures to make them come alive.
If the information you have read above has captured your interest, please come to the GROW! 2006 informational meeting on Thursday, August 24 at 7:30 pm at St. Mary’s Church to find out more.  
GROW! 2006 classes are scheduled to begin around the first of October and run through May or June, with each group deciding its own specific schedule.  Cost per person should run from $10 to $15, with sharing of materials possible.  More detailed cost information to come.
 Existing GROW! 2006 hosts are eager to find people interested in participating in one of these two courses.  Sign-up cards will be available at all four Masses this weekend, August 26 & 27.  Extra cards will be placed in the church entrances at Assumption, St. Anthony’s, and St. Mary’s.
 To make this program really bloom, though, we’re looking for more people who are willing to host a GROW! 2006 group.  If you would like to find out more about the responsibilities of hosting a group, please attend the GROW! 2006 informational meeting on Thursday, August 24 at 7:30 pm at St. Mary’s Church to see if this opportunity is for you.  Or contact Leah Prigge—962-2357 or Lynn Goeckner—962-3133 with any questions.

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