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Have you considered joining a GROW! 2006 group?  These small groups are structured Catholic religion classes for adults of any background.  Here’s how to get involved:  Fill out a sign-up card located at the church entrances of Assumption, St. Anthony’s, or St. Mary’s and put it in the return box located there; or call any of the host facilitators listed below.  
The hosts for the course on the Basics of Catholic Faith are Shirley Stubbers, 962-3405; Denise Poxleitner, 962-3336; Cara Duman, 962-7723; Adam and Tiffany Forsmann, 962-7393; Leah Prigge, 962-2357; Lynn Goeckner, 962-3133; and Della Gehring and Marilyn Uhlenkott, 962-7721 or 962-5846, respectively.  The cost for this course is $8 to $10.
Norm and Julie Sonnen, 962-2368, are geared up to host the Bible Timeline Study course, and the cost will be between $9 and $12. 
Several more host facilitators are ready to help with either course, so call them and let them know which one you’d like to study.  These willing hosts are Max Nuxoll, 962-3079; and Joe and Diana Didier, 962-7140.
Anyone interested in joining is urged to do so before we place the order for books on Sept. 15.  The number of books purchased will determine the exact cost for materials.
Talk to your family and friends and get involved!  Remember, no matter where you’re at, there’s always room to… GROW! 2006.

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