Idaho County 4-H Members Compete at District & State Contest
Idaho County 4-H was represented at the State Horse Contest in Filer Idaho July 10th-11th.  The Idaho Youth Horse Judging Contest is an educational experience that gives youth a greater understanding of horse selection and performance evaluation.  Participants gain experience in the decision-making process by determining and ranking four horses in a class from the most valuable to the least desirable.  Participants develop speaking skills through individually presenting an oral defense of their placing.  Idaho County's Horse Judging Team relaxes after the State Horse Contest
Our Idaho County team did not qualify to advance on to the national contest this year, but they had a great time participating at the State level in Filer.  Team members were Adeline Lustig, Sarah Davis, Alanna Kudebeh and Victoria Davis.  Individually, Alanna Kudebeh received a 6th place award in the Senior Division and Victoria Davis received a 9th place award in the Intermediate Division.
The Idaho County 4-H Horse Bowl competed in State Horse Bowl Contest also held during the State Horse Contest in Filer.  The bowl is conducted in a quiz bowl format with teams of four competing against one another.  Questions related to the horse industry are presented to the participants.  The first team member to buzz in with the correct answer scores points for his/her team, however, a wrong answer takes a point away from the team score. Idaho County teams members included Adeline Lustig, Alanna Kudebeh, Lauren Chmelik and Hilaree Vanderpas.  The team placed 5th in the State competition.
The District 1 Horse Show was held in Lewiston on Saturday, August 5th.  Several Idaho County 4-H members qualified at the Idaho County 4-H Horse to compete in the District Competition.  Those placing at the District show include:
Junior Division
Sydnee Kaschmitter 6th place Jr. Fitting &  Showing
Derek Nuxoll 4th place Jr. Bareback
  6th place Jr. Western Equitation
  4th place Trail Class
Intermediate Division
Stephanie Battles 6th place Int. Bareback
          6th place Int. Western Equitation
Stephanie Bentley 6th place Int. Trail Class
Taylor Canaday 3rd place Int. Fitting & Showing
   2nd Place Int. Trail Class
   1st place Int. Poles
Natosha Schaeffer 1st place Int. Hunt Seat to Jump
Brandee Seubert 3rd place Int. Figure 8 Race
   3rd place Flag Race
Senior Division
Ariann Christensen 5th place Sr. Keyhole Race
   6th place Sr. Flag Race
   6th place Sr. Barrels
Diana Geis 3rd place Sr. Trail Class
  3rd place Sr. Hunt Seat to Jump
  4th place Sr. Figure 8 Race
  4th place Sr. Key Hole Race
  5th place Sr. Barrels
Adeline Lustig 3rd place Sr. Fitting & Showing
   4th place Sr. Western Equitation
   3rd place Sr. Hunt Seat Equitation
Kayla Uhlenkott 5th place Sr. Fitting & Showing
   1st place Sr. Bareback

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