Schaeffer places high
On August 12-13 Stanton Farms in Deary head a schooling horse trial.  NaTosha Schaeffer placed 3rd in the horse trails and 2nd in the combined test.  This 3-day eventing is an equestrian “Triathlon” which comprises dressage, cross-country and show jumping.  You are judged on technical skills including suppleness, obedience, fitness and athleticism.NaTosha Schaeffer and her horse make a jump.
Obstacles in the timed cross country phase consist of ponds, streams, ditches, drops and banks.  There are also fences of very solidly built natural objects such as logs, stone walls, hedges and much more.
The dressage phase is a memorized test in which you are scored on balance, rhythm and suppleness.  These tests may not ask for Grand Prix movements such as piaffe or passage, but are comprised of advanced horsemanship maneuvers.
Show jumping is also a timed event with penalties given for disobedience or knocked down obstacles.  You are judged in all three phases for you placing.  This eventing competition has been a part of the Olympic games since 1912.

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