Dog Bark Park to appear on HGTV
Home and Garden TV (HGTV) will feature Dog Bark Park of Cottonwood, Idaho on Friday Sept 15, 2006 at 7 pm, Pacific Time. 
HGTV’s show Offbeat America showcases the country’s most amazing people, places and the creative passions behind their endeavors.  An HGTV film crew that included the show’s upbeat star & host, Patrick Clark, filmed in Cottonwood last November with Dennis Sullivan and Frances Conklin, owners of Dog Bark Park, & their guests. 
Over twelve hours of interviews and tapings were consolidated into a lively six-minute segment for Friday’s show.  Dog Bark Park was “discovered” by HGTV researchers as a result of media exposure about their bed and breakfast in the World’s Biggest Beagle building.  “We are delighted our unusual endeavor has helped spread the word about Idaho being a unique place to visit,” said Dennis.  “Guests have enjoyed staying here & many are planning return trips to explore more of this beautiful, uncrowded part of the state.” Offbeat America’s airtime may be different for HGTV satellite subscribers. 
More info: 208 962-3647

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