Another scam to watch for
The Idaho County Sheriff's Department wants to warn people about another scam that is making the rounds.
This scam is based on Internet, Mail and Wire Fraud so beware.
It begins by someone contacting you by E-mail, writing or phone.  A person wants you to cash some money orders and use a wire service (like Western Union) to wire the money back to him or her.  These criminals use various reasons as to why they need this done.
PROBLEM:  The money orders are counterfeit. If you get one and choose to cash it you become party to the crime and can be arrested.
SOLUTION:  A proposal like this that sounds too good to be true probably is.  Especially from someone you donít know.  If you get contacted, before you do anything else, please contact your local Law Enforcement Agency, Post Office or Attorney Generalís Office and check to see if this proposal could be a scam.
Contact numbers:
Idaho County Sheriffís Office 208-983-1100
Grangeville City Police     208-983-1351
Cottonwood City Police     208-983-1100
Attorney Generalís Office     208-334-2400
US Post Office - Check the Government pages of your local phone book. 
You know that old saying, BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY.
Stay Safe
Sheriff Larry Dasenbrock

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522



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