Cases of West Nile virus reported in North Central Idaho
West Nile virus (WNV) has been reported in a Clearwater County resident this week.  Last month two Idaho County residents tested positive for the same virus.  Each of these cases had travel histories outside of their respective counties during the time they could have been infected.  There is no way to determine if they received their exposure to infected mosquitoes in Clearwater and/or Idaho County while they were traveling.
According to the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, Office of Epidemiology and Food Protection there have been 710 cases of WNV in humans this year.  Of these cases, there have been 10 deaths and 123 persons have become seriously ill.
Most people bitten by an infected mosquito will have no symptoms.  However, twenty percent of those infected may experience headaches, body aches and a mild fever.  A small percentage of individuals infected can become severely ill.
North Central District Health Department strongly encourages everyone to continue to follow WNV prevention recommendations.
*Avoid mosquito bites!  Cover up exposed skin.  Avoid mosquitoes, especially at dawn and dusk.  Limit your time outdoors during these hours, and use repellent sprays if you are outdoors.
*Use repellent spray!  Use insect repellent containing DEET (N, N-diethyl-m-toluamide) on exposed skin when you go outdoors.
*Use repellent carefully! Repellents containing DEET are very safe for adults and children when used according to directions.  Donít put repellent on kidís hands because it may get in their mount or eyes.
*Keep screens on your windows.
*Remove standing water around your home.  Buckets, old tires, bird baths, flower pots, etc. are all ideal breeding grounds for mosquitoes.
West Nile virus does not affect most animals, but can cause severe illness in horses and certain species of birds.  Although there is not a vaccine available for people, there is a vaccine for horses.
For more information on West Nile virus contact Donna Anderson, RN, Staff Epidemiologist, North Central District Health Department, 208-799-3100 or go to

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