The Historical Museum at St. Gertrude – 75th Anniversary
During 2006, the museum is celebrating its 75th anniversary. Below is another segment of the feature article “75 Years Ago This Month”. We hope you enjoy these historical moments.
We remind you that the museum will be hosting another Fall Lecture Series beginning on Thursday, September 28 with a presentation entitled “A Virtual Geological History of Hells Canyon” with Dr. Keegan Schmidt from LCSC.  He will use a powerpoint presentation that will take you on a visual “flight” into the canyon via the computer. 
Also, be aware that the museum will be hosting a Smithsonian traveling exhibit from October 25 to December 2 in the Spirit Center next to the museum. Admission is free. Additional information will be available as we get closer to the opening.
Lyle Wirtanen, Director
(Compiled by Sister Bernice Wessels, Museum Technician)
Father Verhoeven, recently of Shoshone, Idaho, arrived in Keuterville early this month to take charge of the local parish.  The former pastor, Father Martin, left for his new assignment in Aholt, Missouri.
The sisters of St. Benedict are erecting a new barn near the former Monastery of St. Michael’s to replace the one which burned down a few years ago.  John Mager has just finished hauling the material.
Charles Rawlings of Nezperce arranged to transfer his restaurant business from the Lewis County metropolis to Cottonwood.  He will open for business as soon as quarters can be arranged to receive him.
On Friday, October 15, a general class meeting was held at St. Gertrude’s Academy.  The Student Body assembly was organized with Dorothy Jenny as temporary chairman.  The election of officers was proposed and the following were elected:
President – William Agnew
Vice President – Richard Orr
Secretary-Treasurer – Verla Durant
The chief object of the organization is to study Catholic writers of the present day and to raise funds for some charitable purposes.
The students of the biology class are intensely interested in taxidermy. They have learned to mount birds and squirrels, and each specimen shows a marked improvement over its “predecessor”.  The latest mount is a porcupine.  Both teacher and class deserve credit for these additions to the museum which we hope to set up in the near future.
With the opening of new school year in Nezperce, the Rev. Father Jentges took up his work as Pastor of the parish. Teachers and pupils are greatly interested in his catechism instructions.  Needless to say, they enjoy and appreciate his presence on the school grounds during the noon hour and his participation in their games.
Senator Dwight W. Morrow, former ambassador to Mexico and father of Mrs. Charles Lindberg, was found dead in his bed, having passed away from a cerebral hemorrhage.  He had pronounced himself in favor of repealing the 18th amendment and had been mentioned as a possible Presidential candidate next year.
Thomas Edison, without question the greatest scientist and inventor this country has ever produced, died at his home at West Orange,  New Jersey early Sunday morning at the age of 84 years. He left a widow and six children, besides the residents of an entire nation to mourn him.
1st infra-red photograph, Rochester, New York.
Al Capone is sentenced to 11 years in prison for tax evasion.
USS AKRON, first of a class of two 6,500,000 cubic foot rigid airships was built at Akron, Ohio.  Commissioned in late October 1931, she spent virtually all of her short career on technical and operational development tasks, exploring the potential of the rigid airship as a Naval weapons systems.  She crashed in 1933, during a violent storm over New Jersey.  73 men of the 76 aboard the airship died.
The original Waldorf-Astoria is opened in New York.
Norden bombsight demonstrated high altitude bombing effectiveness.
Charles Colson, Watergate conspirator
Dick Tracy, comic strip crimestopper
Desmond Tutu, South African Anglican priest, Nobel Peace Prize winner
Eddie Mathews, Hall of Fame baseball player
John LeCarre, author

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