Third graders invent own holidays
The 3rd graders in Mrs. Zennerís class had a writing assignment where they had to create their own holiday.  The students needed to give the reason for the holiday, the date for celebrating it, as well as writing about any special activities during the celebration. Everyone drew illustrations for their new holiday celebration.  Here are the holidays they created:
Friday, August 13th will be Child Day so that all the kids get a break from parents.  This day is when the kids get to do whatever they want.   Thomas Lowe
June 21st will be known as Play Day.  You are to have fun, swim, play baseball, play with friends, play music and eat food.   Max Fernandez
October 1st is Pumpkin Day.  On this day I want people to have pumpkins for Halloween.  On this day everyone will be given a pumpkin.   Bobby Kinch
June 20th will be known as 8½ Day.  This is because on June 20th I turned 8½ years old.  You would celebrate by eating cake, playing games and giving me presents. 
 Philip Spencer  
Friday, September 6th will be known as Family Day.  This is a day to see family members and visit with them.  You would celebrate it by having makeovers, manicures, playing school and drawing.  Shayla VonBargen
September 1st will be known as Camper Day.  This is the day my family bought a camper.  My family would celebrate with a camping trip.  Sarah Seubert
October 20th would be Fun Day.  Kids get to skip school and play all day long.  Their family plays games and spends time together.  Talyss Lustig
March 4th will be known as Kids Day.  Kids get to have a party with junk food only and have games for everyone.   Jennifer Hodges
February 18th would be Family Day.  This day would be spent with my family.  I would have a piñata, lots of presents for my birthday and Christmas.  Tyler Nida.
May 21st will be Dog Day.  This is the day that we brought my dog Daffany home.  We will play keep away with her stuffed bear.   Calvin Hinkelman
Leaf Day will be held on October 20th.  The reason for this holiday is that the leaves are changing colors.  We will have a picnic on Leaf Day.  Josie Remington
On December 30th we will celebrate Jesusí birthday.  On this day everyone will sled and open presents in honor of his birthday.  Andrew Geis
December 5th will be my Skiing Holiday.  The reason for this holiday is that I like to ski and I want a bunch of people to go skiing.  We will have obstacle courses, ice cream and everyone will have to jump over hay bales.  Marisa Lustig
On October 31st we will continue to celebrate Halloween.  The reason we have Halloween is so that you can celebrate.  Everyone must trick or treat and you must walk to all of the houses.  Lauren Alfrey
On June 28th we will have Mountain Dew Day.  The reason for this holiday is because 4 men climbed a mountain called Dew and at the top there was green snow.  They melted the snow into a drink they called Mountain Dew.  Everybody in the world has to drink 20 gallons of Mountain Dew on this day.  Jake Bruner
On March 17th we will continue to celebrate St. Patrickís Day.  We will celebrate by having everyone plant shamrocks and by wearing green.   Kevin Tillinghast
January 6th will be Family Day.  This is because I want the family to get together more often.  Everyone will picnic, play games and eat a very big dinner.  Hailey Danly
Motor Bike Day will be held on June 3rd.  This is the day when you must ride your motorbike all day long!  Isaiah Shears
December 20th is my special holiday because it is my birthday.  Everyone should celebrate my birthday by sledding and eating cake.  Daniel Leonard
June 24 is Birth Day.  I made this holiday because of the birth of my cousin.  This is a day when you play games, eat food and maybe drink some milk.  Sierra Latimer
July 15 is when Family Day will be held.  This is a time to meet together and play games, eat special food, and enjoy cake and ice cream.  Abbi Hartnett
Hot Wheels Day will be celebrated on June 30th because that is my birthday.  On this day everyone must play with Hot Wheel Toys.   Clayton Chicane

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