Notes from Pat
Been awhile since our last visit.  Since then we got the Idaho County Fair on and over with many winners and a few losers and some good entertainment.  Selected new royalty for the 2007 fair.  Packed up and now the site is ready for the next event.
The covered tables in the park are having the roofs repaired by Lion’s Club members as a community project.  The city park gets a lot of use during the year.
Late Wednesday evening, October 4, a practice drill was held in the back of the Middle School using emergency personnel when a school bus accident occurred injuring the driver.  Hats off to all our local volunteers for the job they do.
Hasn’t this fall weather been great.  Cool nights and bright sunny days, just a little crisp.
Did you see where someone raised a pumpkin over 1500 pounds, wonder how many pies that would make?
Our next holiday of note is Halloween which falls on Tuesday this year.  If you are out that evening, watch out for the children.
The next big, big family Holiday is Thanksgiving which is just over a month and a half away.  Maybe there will be some of the pumpkin left for a few pies.
A recent issue of the Chronicle had letters from third graders on making up their own holidays.  The children had some interesting ones and shows that many had a favorite issue.
Our next event of note is the election Nov. 7.  Your job is to learn about the candidates and then vote.  Being able to vote is a right, to be kept must be used.  Many of our young men and women are being hurt and being killed to give this right to other people and so often in the United States we waste that right by sitting on our “butts” and not going to the poles.
All the best to each of you.

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