Juniors make trip to U of I
The Prairie High School juniors left Cottonwood at 6:30 a.m. on Tuesday, October 31st.  With Principal Mr. Snodgrass driving the bus, they headed out to spend a The PHS junior class in front of the new U of I Business College, the Albertson building.day in Moscow on the University of Idaho campus. They were given a tour of the new Business College building, the Student Recreation Center, and the entire campus.  At the College of Agriculture, they witnessed a presentation by Dr. Jenny Hansen on how DNA is extracted from wheat and how that information is used to make new types of rust resistant wheat. They enjoyed touring dorm rooms in Wallace Complex and the Towers and getting to have lunch in the Commons, where many U of I students eat every day.  The girls got to visit the Tri Delta sorority with Heather Schumacher, while the rest of the class went with Travis Uptmor to tour Delta Chi fraternity. The PHS students ran into previous Prairie students all over the campus.  The tour schedule was set up by the office for New Student Services.  Chris Rehder, Kelby Wilson, Heather Schumacher, and Travis Uptmor were asked to meet up with the group in order to make sure that Prairie students got a great campus tour!   It turned out to be an enjoyable day on the U of I campus. 
Dr. Jenny Hansen does a presentation of extracting DNA for the PHS juniors.      

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