How Does Salt Affect Temperature?
By: Danielle Cochran
The 8th grade class found out how salt affects temperature on the last week of October by making Ice Cream.  They did this by adding cream and sugar into two small bags, 8th grade students discover the effects of salt on temperature.and then adding 400mL of ice and 100mL of water into larger separate bags, and putting the smaller ones inside of the larger ones, and label one Salt and the other No Salt.  The class then took the consistency and temperature.  After that the groups would shake the bags for 20 minutes and at every 5 they would stop shaking and check the temperature and consistency.  In one of the groups their salt bag started at a low 2°C and went lower to -5°C, but after that it stared drastically rising to 2°C, 8°C, and the highest 13°C.  The salt bag though stayed in an average temperature of 4°C, 2°C, 1°C and 7°C.  In the end the classes found out that salt affects the freezing point of water by making it go down for a while then drastically rising to melt ice and heat the water.  While the salt affected the water it did not affect the consistency of the cream all that much.  All that really happened to the cream of one group was that the Salt one started solidifying and them in the next five minutes it went back to a cream, and the No Salt one just got a little chunky.  Near the end of the 20 minutes though both of that groups bags were pretty much creamy.  The next day the classes got to see and eat the finished Ice Cream.  Most of the Salt bags were Crystal like and chunky, while most of the No Salt bags were creamy and soft, but the Ice Cream was still good.

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