Daddy Date Night held
Daddy Date was held at Prairie High School on Sunday November 12th.  The cafeteria was decorated with the theme “Take me out to the Ball Game”.Carolyn Sonnen with her father, Greg Sonnen, Father of the Year.  The night began with pictures and a small questionnaire about daddy.  Some girls found out some interesting things about their dads!  The senior boys decked out in jerseys served the dinner that followed the theme with a tour of famous ballgame cities: Philly steak sandwich, Boston baked beans, Cincinnati coleslaw, Boise Bakers and of course, New York cheese cake. The freshmen girls entertained the crowd with a great rendition of “Take me out to the Ballgame” and a lip-sync to “Put me coach-I can be Centerfield”.   The evening concluded with the reading of the winning essay written by Carolyn Sonnen.  Greg Sonnen was presented with the Father of the Year plaque.  

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