Book is part of Food Expo
The Idaho Humanities Council has published a book in connection with the Smithsonian Institution exhibit on food.
The book called “Dishrag Soup and Poverty Cake” is a collection of Idaho potluck essays on food.
The Smithsonian exhibit is at St. Gertrude’s Spirit Center through December 2 then moves to Winchester opening December 9 in the museum running until January 20, 2007.
Lyle Wirtanen of St. Gertrude’s Museum has an essay on sauerkraut with a recipe to make sauerkraut and the use of sauerkraut in a recipe with lemon Jell-O.
The Dishrag Soup comes from a saying used during the depression “She could make dinner out of a dishrag.”  This essay comes with a recipe for Depression Soup or Parady Oops.  Ingredients include potatoes, onions, put in pan cover with water, add milk, salt and pepper and simmer.  Dot with butter.
Poverty Cake comes with an essay about life during the great depression and ingredients added to the cake recipe to make it special.  The recipe includes flour, soda, salt, cocoa, sugar, vinegar, vegetable, oil, water and vanilla extract. Some changes were adding teat, thin cream or assorted spices.
The book costs $15 plus 6% sales tax and $3 shipping.  Order by calling 888-345-5346 or e-mail or ordering through Idaho’s better book stores.   The book is ISBN #0-9788816-0-5.

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