Diabetes program open to public
Becky Ewing, RN, CDE, has scheduled two public presentations for anyone interested in learning more about diabetes.  Ewing is a nurse at St. Mary’s Hospital and also provides individual counseling sessions for people with Diabetes through both the SMH Cottonwood Clinic and Kamiah Medical Clinic.  She is a Certified Diabetes Educator which requires passing an in-depth test, continuing education and a certain number of hours working in the field to retain the licensure.
The Cottonwood presentation is scheduled for Monday, December 4 in the SMHC Conference Room, 701 Lewiston Street, Cottonwood.  The Kamiah talk will be held Tuesday, December 5 in the Kamiah Chamber of Commerce Welcome Center.  Both presentations begin at 7:00 p.m. and are free and open to the public. 
A representative from Bayer Health Care, Laura Hefner-Glavin, will host a display at both presentations of items designed for people with diabetes.  She will also be available to answer any questions.
“The number of people who are being diagnosed with diabetes continues to rise,” said Ewing.  “People with diabetes or those at risk for developing diabetes can reduce their risk for complications by learning how to manage their disease.  We know so much more about it today including what steps can be taken to help reduce risk factors and control the disease.”
Three of the major components of managing the disease are called the ABCs of diabetes management.  A is for the Hemoglobin A-1-C lab test which should be performed every 3-4 months.  B is for blood pressure with a suggested goal of 130/80.  C is for controlling cholesterol since people with diabetes are at higher risk for heart disease and strokes.
“People with diabetes need to control their disease rather than having the disease control them,” said Ewing.  “They should see a health care provider every 3-4 months to help monitor their preventive care program.”
Patients must be referred by their health care provider for an appointment with Ewing.   Rachel Larson, Registered Dietitian, also sees patients for regular appointments for training in meal planning and carbohydrate counting.  

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