Hospitals receive extra funds
The Kissler Family Foundation Philanthropic Gift Fund, one of the 350 individual funds administered by the Idaho Community Foundation, recently awarded Clearwater Valley Hospital and St. Mary’s Hospital a grant to purchase a hospital grade portable breast pump to loan to new moms to facilitate breast feeding.St Mary's and Clearwater Valley Hospital received a grant from the Kissler Family Philanthropic Gift Fund through the Idaho Community Foundation to provide an electric breast pump on loan for new moms who may need additional assistance to continue nursing. Danielle Hardy, La Leche League Coordinator, shows Martha Walton, CVHC RN, the pump available on loan.
Last May Clearwater Valley Hospital received a grant from the Idaho Community Foundation to purchase a pump for residents of Clearwater, Lewis and Idaho County in conjunction with the local LaLeche League Chapter.  LLL volunteers work with new moms to support their efforts at breast feeding by providing advice and information.  The monies were also used to purchase literature for the LLL volunteers and new moms.
“The CVHC loaner pump has been constantly on loan ever since it was purchased.  It will be very convenient to have a second pump available through St. Mary’s,” said Danielle Hardy, Coordinator, La Leche League, “The baby of one of the mom’s who borrowed the pump had to go to Boise for additional health care.  She was able to continue feeding her baby during that time.  Mothers interested in breast feeding their babies often quit earlier than they’d like because of various issues, but having the electric pump available can often get them through those times and help them continue breast feeding.”
The St. Mary’s loaner breast pump and literature on breast feeding will be available to moms in Idaho County through the SMHC OB Department.  Research shows that breast fed babies are healthier and have fewer developmental delays than bottle fed babies.
“The loaner pumps should enable more moms to continue breast feeding once they’ve returned to work or if they need help expressing a larger quantity of milk,” said Hardy.  “The La Leche League works closely with the hospital OB Departments to assist moms interested in giving their babies a really healthy start in life.”
Hardy is available to answer questions and provide printed information about breast feeding.  She can be reached at 208- 476-3712.
"We really appreciate the financial support of the Idaho Community Foundation and The Kissler Family Foundation Philanthropic Gift Fund.  Their generosity will make the world of difference to both new moms and babies in the area,” said Hardy.
The Idaho Community Foundation is a statewide nonprofit organization whose total assets equal approximately $60 million.  It manages and invests its assets primarily as permanent endowment.  Return from the endowment is distributed to charitable organizations as grants throughout Idaho.  ICF has made charitable distributions totaling more than $27 million. Approximately $4.5 million was awarded during 2005 with grants funded in all 44 counties in Idaho.

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