Two tournament wins

Prairie’s AAU 8th grade boys team took first place in the Kamiah Tournament Saturday February 24. Shown are from left Ryan Dalgliesh, Dave Johnson, Brock Heath (back row), Devin Schmidt, Seth Guyer, Mitchel Jungert (back row),S ilas Whitley(front row), Beau Schlader (front row) and coach Gordon Heath. CONGRADULATIONS BOYS !!!! 

Another Big Win For Prairie 8th Grade Boys AAU Team... Congratulations goes out to a team who uses their skill and coach’s leadership to take home the hardware in the form of 1st place medals two weeks in a row. Coach Gordon Heath has led Prairie 8th Grade AAU Boys to yet another win, this time at Grangeville. His coaching style is energized, full of excitement for the game and facilitates a we want to win attitude. The Boys have played hard in this League and are skilled winners. Shown with their medals are back row from left: Ryan Dalgliesh, Devin Schmidt (MVP), David Johnson, Seth Guyer and Mitchell Jungert. Front row from left: D.J. Walker, Beau Schlader, Silas Whitley, Brock Heath, and Coach Gordon Heath. 

9-Orofino Tournament - vs. Colton at 3 p.m.; vs. Orofino at 5 p.m.
10-Orofino Tournament - will play at either 2, 4 of 6 p.m. depending on outcome of Friday's games.
13-Kamiah, there, 4 p.m.
15-C.V., there, 4 p.m.
20-Culdesac, there, 4 p.m.
22-Timberline, here 4 p.m.
3-Kamiah, here, 4 p.m.
5-Lewis County, there, 4:30 p.m.
7-Grangeville (V-JV), there, noon
10-Troy, here (2 games), 3 p.m.
12-Kendrick (V-JV), here, 3:30 p.m.
14-Council, there (2 games), noon MDT
17-Culdesac, here, 4:30 p.m.
20-Grangeville, here, 4 p.m.
23-C.V., here, 4:30 p.m.
24-Genesee, there, (2 games), 4 p.m.
26-Timberline, there, 4 p.m.
30-Lewis County, here, 4:30 p.m.
1-Kendrick, there, (V-JV), 4 p.m.
5-District 1st round, Gen. & Kendrick
11-12-District at Kendrick
18-19-State at Caldwell

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