Introducing LeadershipPlenty
LeadershipPlenty is a program developed by the Pew Partnership for Civic Change and offered on the Prairie through the Horizons program of the Northwest Area Foundation. It is designed to equip community members with skills like effective communication, conflict management, and partnership building that they can use to work together as leaders in their region.
Leadership at its core is about change—within individuals, within organizations, and within communities. LeadershipPlenty was created with the idea that many talented and resourceful formal and informal leaders are needed to build and maintain a thriving community. The program focuses on bringing those talents and resources to the table to assist communities in achieving their goals.
LeadershipPlenty operates on two premises that directly apply to the Horizons program. First, it is about the plenty of talent in communities that often goes unused or unasked. And second, it is about the “we” not the “me.” While the skills introduced in LeadershipPlenty will help in every phase of life—family, work, and community—they are intended to primarily help community members work better together for the common good. They are practical and applicable today and down the road.
The goal of LeadershipPlenty is to make civic leadership training available to every person in a community. It is especially valuable for: 
· Emerging leaders who want to learn new skills in order to address community issues
· Newcomers to a community who have not yet been asked to help
· Young people who want to work with others to effect change
· Established leaders who want to work together for common purposes
There is no lack of leadership in rural Idaho communities—there are plenty of people with untapped talents that can make their community stronger.
If a community purchased LeadershipPlenty training directly from the Pew Partnership for Civic Change, Pew would conduct a train-the trainer session for up to 25 people for $25,000.
Sr. Teresa Jackson, Terressa Baldridge, and Emmett Wilson have been trained to deliver the LeadershipPlenty training. At least 25 Prairie community members will get to expand their understanding of leadership and obtain greater skills through LeadershipPlenty sessions. These sessions are free for Prairie community members and those interested can also apply for 1 University of Idaho credit.
Please contact any member of the Prairie Horizons Steering Committee for more information: Jeff Martin, Floyd Whitley, Darla Anglen-Whitley, Judy Gehring, Laura Gehring, Rene’ Forsmann, Shelli Schumacher, Terry Cochran, Brian Latimer and Angie Latimer.
Kathee Tifft, Community Coach
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