Rehder wins essay contest
Megan Rehder, daughter of Kevin & Kathy Rehder, Cottonwood, is a fifth grade student from Summit Academy who won first place in the Farm Bureau Essay contest. The theme for the essay contest was Agriculture, the Backbone of Idaho. 
Second place went to Leah Holthaus, daughter of Roger & Alica Holthaus and third place to Jared Higgins, son of Brad and Cindy Higgins. Both are 5th grade students at Prairie Middle School. Megan Rehder receives her award from Summit principal Annette Wemhoff.
All three essays will be sent to Pocatello for district competition.
Following is Megan’s essay:
“Idaho’s Agriculture”
Agriculture is the backbone of Idaho’s economy. Idaho produces more food than 
can be used, so food that isn’t needed is marketed and sold. New markets and products to 
sell are constantly looked for to help support agriculture. This pays the worker’s income 
so they can live in Idaho and provide for their families. Not only do farmers make up all of Idaho’s agriculture but processors, researchers, and equipment dealers thrive off of this great industry as well.
Idaho provides food from both animals and plants. Also, Idaho supports food productions by buying food, keeping what is needed and selling food that is not used.
Animals are beneficial to have in Idaho because they make excellent meat to eat. Cows provide delicious milk for people to quench their thirst. Animals can also be sold to earn money, and the youth can participate in 4-H!
Idaho scientists research new ways to make biodiesel, such as using wheat, barley and corn. Researching helps people find more food and more efficient ways to get it. Also, scientists look for new uses for food instead of just throwing it away.
Idaho offers many jobs. You could be a rancher, farmer, agriculture teacher and much more. Ranching is a good job because it provides a good income and a great lifestyle. A farmer is a nice job because crops would provide food for you. Food from the crops may provide potatoes, corn, sugar beets, wheat, barley, peas and beans. Also to teach is a great job so people can learn more about Idaho’s agriculture.
As you can see, agriculture helps Idaho by supplying food from crops and dairy farms. Also we have great food companies and industries. Idaho offers many jobs that help the state in many ways. Agriculture in Idaho makes it a wonderful state!

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