Hometown Auto & Ag wins grand prize
Here's the final KC 52 Pickup 2006 winners drawn at the March 2007 meeting of KC #1389.  Last final 6 week winners and then the grand prize winner are as follows: 
Week 47-Brenda Stimpson, $50.00.
Week 48-Darrel Uhlorn, $250.00.
Week 49-Jim Remacle, $50.00.
Week 50-Diya Nuxoll, $50.00 
Week 51-Larry Sonnen, $50.00.
Week 52-Rose Gehring, $50.00.
And the $500 Grand Prize Winners!—Hometown Auto & Ag.  
Congratulations to the winners and the Grand Prize winner.  Thank you for supporting the Knights of Columbus and our charitable projects.  The 2007 tickets are for sale.  Remember we only sell 300 tickets and there are 53 winners.  Please contact any KC member or Greg Sonnen, Dick Nuxoll, or Max Nuxoll (phone 962-3079) for your 2007 tickets.  Don't miss out on the opportunity and buy your tickets now.

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