Uhlenkott serves as statehouse page
Jacob Uhlenkott of Fenn served as a page in the Idaho House of Representatives during the 2007 legislative session and received glowing commendations from those he served with.
Speaker of the House Lawrence Denney said “Jacob Uhlenkott has proven himself to be an outstanding page during our 2007 legislative session. He served the Office of the Chief Clerk, which has a fast-paced, accuracy-driven environment, and he was able to handle all the duties assigned to him without difficulty. 
“Jacob is highly motivated, handles himself in a mature manner, and is well respected by his peers. These attributes will serve him well as he aspires to be accepted into one of the U.S. service academies.”
Pamela L. Juker, Chief Clerk and Parliamentarian, in whose office he worked, said, “He is a young man who came to us with a high standard in work ethic and commitment to the task. He was able to quickly grasp and follow instructions and I was always confident that Jacob would complete his assignments with the perfection that I required. He was always early to work, willing to stay late, and constantly available in an environment which can be tempting to stray off task. Jacob proved to be responsible for his actions and never disappointed me with his results.”
Judy Chistensen, Sergeant at Arms, said, “I was very pleased with Jacob’s work ethics, but even more impressed with his politeness and willing attitude. Jacob was especially supportive to all of the other pages who come from high schools all over the state of Idaho. Because Jacob was dependable and willing to do more than the average, he was called upon to do many extra jobs for all of the staff and Representatives.
“Jacob has high goals and expectations for himself and I would highly recommend him to anyone that could help him reach these goals. He will be a great asset to the future of our country. It has been a pleasure to be his supervisor.”
Jacob is the son of Chuck and Kerry Uhlenkott of Fenn and is a senior at Summit Academy.

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