Cottonwood Fire Department history
July 11, 2007 will mark the 100 year anniversary of the formation of the Cottonwood Volunteer Fire Department.  The following are some excerpts from meeting minutes and records of the department throughout the years.
Fines and Penalties
September 10, 1910 – “Motion was made and seconded that any member failing to appear in drill, without reasonable excuse for same, be fined fifty cents. Motion carried.”
March 5, 1917 – The Fire Department Constitution and Bylaws were adopted.  Article 3 of the Bylaws states: “Absence from alarm of fire or leaving fire or practice without permission or sufficient excuse shall be fined $2.00 for the first offense and $3.00 for second offense.”  (In later years, the bylaws were amended to levy a fifty cent fine for an unexcused absence from a meeting or drill and a $1.00 fine for the first failure to respond to an alarm or leave a fire without permission and $2.00 for the second time.)
In 1960, a total of $10.00 in fines was collected from firemen who missed meetings without excuse ($1.00/meeting).
October 16, 1978 – “Motion made by Rich Beckman, seconded by Joe Harrison, that the $1.00 fine for missing a meeting be dropped. A vote was taken on the proposition, 6 for and 7 against.  The $1.00 fine is still in effect.” 
February 20, 1984 – “Under old business we talked about excuses for missing a meeting.  Willy (Mader) moved to have sickness, working, and vacation out of town as the only valid excuses.  Gene (Vonbargen) seconded and the motion passed.”
[Note - There is no record of the penalties being removed from the bylaws but no fines have been levied against any firemen for many years.]
Rural Fire District
November 20, 1961 – “The Cottonwood Volunteer Fire Department voted to discontinue furnishing fire protection outside of the city limits on April 1st, 1962 unless a rural fire district is formed.”
November 21, 1962 – “A meeting was held between the newly formed Cottonwood area Rural Fire District and the Cottonwood Fire Department.  The purpose of this meeting being to discuss the various details and problems which will be encountered in setting up a workable agreement between the two groups.”
August 8, 1957 – “A request for retirement from the fire department was made by Urban Riener.  A motion by Roland Buettner and seconded by Fritz Nuttman to deny request passed.”
February 17, 1959 – “Urbie Riener asked to be relieved from the department, but after some discussion, he agreed to remain on the department until at least some new recruits are trained.”
December 16, 1968 – “Urban Riener has asked to retire from the department.  The request was denied until a new man can be found.”
February 15, 1971 – “Les Reed asked to be dismissed from the department.  Permission denied.”
February 15, 1972 – “Les Reed was presented a fishing rod and reel for his 30 years on the department.  We are sorry to see him go.”
Meeting minutes recorded by Willy Mader, Secretary/Treasurer:
February 21, 1977 – “The subject of $8.00 worth of cheese missing from the refrigerator was discussed.  Election of officers was decided by the traditional railroad method.”
March 21, 1977 – “The gas can on the rural truck has been filled under protest of Garry Chaffee.”
September 20, 1982 – “Chief reported that he met the new Idaho Fire Marshall.  He said that all cities must have a fire code on their books.  The Chief thinks it is a bunch of  B.S.”
(more to follow…………..) 

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