Education contest winners named
There were 44 entries that placed in the Catholic Daughter Court DeSmet Education Contest.
All winners were sent on to the State Catholic Daughters contest and 13 of our local entries won 1st place at state.
All 1st place state entries were sent on to the national competition. Results have not yet been received from Nationals.
Local Catholic Daughter Court DeSmet winners were:
Essay: Division I-1st, Abigail Chmelik; 2nd, Emily McHugh; 3rd Faith Bieler. Division II-1st, Savannah Kuther; 2nd-Savanah Prigge. Division III-1st, Kimberly Frei.
Art: Division I-1st, Alexanderia Rockwell; 2nd, Holli Uhlorn; 3rd, Jessica Slichter. Division II-1st, Nicole Frei; 2nd, Victoria Schlader; 3rd, David Johnson. Division III-1st, William Schlader; 2nd, David Spencer.
Music: Division II-1st, Juston Lindsley; Division III-1st, Michael Hattrup; 2nd, Danielle Stubbers.
Computer Art: Division I-1st, Rachael Frei; 2nd, Justin DeFord. Division II-1st, Courtney Schwartz; 2nd, Jamie Chmelik; 3rd, Michael Rehder. Division III-1st, Amber Nuxoll; 2nd, Cori Wemhoff; 3rd, Alyssa Frei.
Poetry: Division I-1st, Faith Bieler; 2nd, Emily McHugh; 3rd, Clark Bruno. Division II-1st, Audrey Bieler; 2nd, Maggie Ramirez; 3rd, Kendall Schumacher. Division III-1st, Emily Rehder; 2nd, Amber Nuxoll; 3rd, Joseph Lustig.
Poster: Division I-1st, Jacey Arnzen. Division II-1st, Brandee Seubert; 2nd, Jamie Chmelik; 3rd, Victoria Schlader.
Photography: Division II-1st, Cori Keeler; 2nd, Rachel Falzon; 3rd, Wade Greig. Division III-1st, Cori Wemhoff; 2nd, Kaylee Uhlenkott; 3rd, Lynn Rehder.
State 1st place winners from Court DeSmet were:
Art: Division I-Alexanderia Rockwell; Division II-William Schlader.
Poster: Division I-Jacey Arnzen.
Poetry: Division I-Faith Bieler; Division II-Audrey Bieler; Division III-Emily Rehder.
Essay: Division II-Savannah Kuther.
Computer Art: Division II-Courtney Schwartz; Division III-Amber Nuxoll.
Music: Division II-Juston Lindsley; Division III-Michael Hattrup.
Photography: Divison II-Cori Keeler; Division III-Cori Wemhoff.

The Prairie Schools winners in the Catholic Daughters Education contest. Back from left are Kaylee Uhlenkott, Christa Wilson and Clark Bruno. Front from left are Danielle Stubbers, Emily McHugh and Holli Uhlorn.

Summit Academy’s first place winners in the CDA Education contest: Back Row: William Schlader, Michael Hattrup, Emily Rehder, Amber Nuxoll, Kim Frei, Cori Wemhoff. Front Row: Rachael Frei, Savannah Kuther, Nicole Frei, Brandee Seubert, Courtney Schwartz.

Summit Academy’s second place winners in the CDA contest: Back Row: Danielle Stubbers, David Spencer, Amber Nuxoll Front Row: Jamie Chmelik, Savanah Prigge, Vicki Schlader.

 Shown are the CDA Education contest winners who attend Sts. Peter & Paul at Grangeville. Back Row: Alexanderia Rockwell, Jacey Arnzen, Audrey Bieler, Juston Lindsley, Cari Keeler, Faith Bieler, Abigail Chmelik. Front Row: Justin DeFord, Maggie Ramirez, Wade Greig, Jessica Slichter

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