"Where there's smoke, there's fire"
July 11, 2007 will mark the 100 year anniversary of the formation of the Cottonwood Volunteer Fire Department.  The following are some excerpts from meeting minutes and records of the department throughout the years.  There will be more history published each week prior to the anniversary.

Fire Department Members
January 24, 1944 – Officers elected were Fire Chief Harold Simon, Asst. Fire Chief W.E. Simon, and Secretary & Treasurer Cecil Wimer.

In 1994, the Fire Department roster included: Dave Shears, Kevin Kaschmitter, Rod Behler, Don Nuxoll, Dave Fuzzell, Denis Duman, Gary Riener, Morris Arnzen, Mike Lerandeau, Mike Nuxoll, Pat Long, Bob Michels, Joe Seubert, Bill Schumacher, Tom Sonnen, Ken Stubbers, Ron Grant, Jack Duman, John Kaschmitter, Terry Cochran, Thad Mader, Greg Sonnen, Jeff Didier, and Keith Becker.

Business Topics
May 15, 1933 – The annual fundraising dance netted $94.72.

April 18, 1954 – The report of the annual dance showed a profit of $388.17.  More than 200 tickets were sold and other donations were received.  Expenses included: $58.00 for the orchestra, 38¢ for tickets, $2.00 for floor powder, $4.05 for refreshments, and $20.00 for hall rent.

May 21, 1934 – Motion made and seconded that the bill for two new flash lights and batteries amounting to $2.90 be allowed.”

August 21, 1958 – “Discussion was held concerning the possibility of replacing the Department’s 1936 model tanker truck.  W. Ruhoff reported the Village Council had about $2,500 available toward the purchase of a good used replacement truck.  The Department also has about $1,200 available, making a total of approximately $4,200 for such a purchase.”

October 15, 2003 – The Fire Department purchased a 1992 fire engine for $93,000.  Ninety percent of the purchase was paid with a federal grant from the Department of Homeland Security Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program.

Fires & Emergency Response
February 28, 1944 – “The Secretary was advised to present a bill for $6.00 to the City Council for services of firemen who remained to help wring out hose following a fire at the local creamery.”

August 17, 1953 – “Free show tickets were given to all firemen by the Mode Theater for their quick and skillful handling of the fire which threatened to destroy this and other business places in town.  A coffee maker was donated by Mrs. H.H. Nuxoll, owner of a building threatened by this fire.”

November 15, 1965 – “A short discussion on what would have to be done in case of fire at the new hospital.  Lunch was furnished for the meeting by Ed Nuxoll for the work we did in saving the barn at the Slaughterhouse fire.”

December 19, 2005 – “We discussed the extrication on Rice Creek.  It was brutal, but ultimately successful.  Chief Behler talked with county emergency services head Jerry Zumwalt about the need for the county to be able to provide special equipment and coordinate manpower among agencies.  We reviewed the Frei Hill extrication event and identified additional equipment needs.”

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