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The books are in and Alice Nau is glad to announce the date for her first local book signing.  She will be signing books on May 16th from 3:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m. at Camas Prairie Insurance in Cottonwood, Idaho.  She plans additional book signings in Lewiston and in Moscow.  The following is an article written by Gina Lustig about Alice and her first novel.  
I have always wanted to write,” Alice Nau, former Ferdinand resident states with a smile, “and now I have published my first book.”  When most women of eighty years are reflecting on their lives, remembering the more daring and challenging days of the past, Alice continues to live them.  Taking on a new adventure, she embarks in completing her first novel, Aftermath.
“Most people I have spoken to about my book naturally think it is a story of my life,” she muses, “but really, it’s just a good story of survival.”
One might say that Alice is no stranger to survival.  Should anyone think her life story would not be food for a good story, they would be wrong.  In fact, the events that have taken place in her life have provided a type of framework for her fictional novel. 
Alice was born and raised on a cattle and sheep ranch near Kooskia, Idaho. “We raised all of our own food,” she recalls, “and Mom and Dad only went into town about twice a year.  I guess I know a little bit about survival.”  It is no surprise then that her book Aftermath is the story of survival that takes place somewhere between the Snake and Salmon rivers.
After graduating from high school she  married Larry Sotin and a few short years later found herself widowed at the young age of twenty-five. This time surviving meant enrolling in college, with three small children in tow, and earning her bachelor’s in education.  She then taught 5th and 6th grade in Winchester where she met, and married, Vincent Nau.  Together they continued to raise their family, with five additional children, in Ferdinand.  Alice returned to teaching, now in Cottonwood, when their youngest child was old enough to go to school. She spent the remainder of her teaching career working as the librarian for the Prairie Middle School until her   retirement. 
Alice was a natural librarian because of her love for reading.  In fact, she could read even before she started school.  In her lifetime she has read hundreds of books, for both her own knowledge and entertainment, as well as reading books for the students who used her library. She believes her love for reading has increased her vocabulary and enriched her writing a    hundredfold.  Although interested in various types of writing, mystery novels have always been her favorite.  Aftermath follows her desire for “a good suspenseful read.”
Adding depth and experience to her writing has been her extensive world traveling, mostly taken since her retirement.  Alice has been to all but two states in America and has visited every continent, including Europe, Asia, and South America, with the exception of Antarctica. 
“Traveling to all of these areas has given me insight into different people and how they think.”  The experience and knowledge gained from these trips were helpful in the development of eight main characters in Aftermath, and over thirty others mentioned in the story.
As a good reader will put the pieces together it is now evident that Alice’s new novel is a suspenseful story of survival  taking place sometime in the near future on the familiar local rivers.  In addition, as anyone might suspect, the title Aftermath is a big clue to the story line in itself. 
Aftermath is available for purchase from Shelli Schumacher or Alica Holthaus in Cottonwood, and Alice will be available for book signing soon.  The time and place for the book signing will be announced in the Cottonwood Chronicle. 
“Please take note of the photographs on the cover,” Alice points out, “my granddaughter Heather Schumacher took those herself.  The scene on the front is the Salmon River and the photo on the back is of the Cottonwood Elevator.”
Alice is so appreciative to all of her family and friends for their efforts in helping her to complete the book, especially for all of the help she received from her daughters, Shelli and Alica. 
Now eighty years old and counting…  “You can count on another book!” she grins.  “I am about a third of the way through the writing of the sequel to Aftermath.” 
What will she tackle after that?  She is not so sure.  But the rest of us can be sure of one thing concerning Alice Nau.  No matter her obstacles, no matter her age, her love for life, her love of reading, and more importantly, her love for her family, will continue strong and vibrant.
Read and enjoy a copy of Aftermath written by former local resident Alice Nau and keep your eyes open for the release date on the sequel. 

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