Relay for Life event set for July 20-21
The 3rd Annual Clearwater to Salmon River Relay for Life event is set for July 20-21 at Grangeville High School.
The 2007 Relay for Life committee has been working hard to make this year’s event just as fun and exciting as last year’s. 
There are new faces at the meetings who have come up with fresh ideas and activities. The goal is to raise as much money for the cause as we can as well as celebrate success stores and remember those we’ve lost to cancer.
New teams have been formed and teams from past relays have signed up for this year’s relay. Teams are what MAKE a relay. There is plenty of time to head up your team or join an existing team. Team meetings follow our committee meetings and are a lot of fun. Ideas on fundraising, camp decorating and activities for the kids are shared at these meetings. Anyone is welcome to attend these meetings, whether to join a chair, a team or just to give some input. The more teams involved, the better the event!
Be sure to watch for upcoming fundraising activities held by various teams.
The next committee meeting is set for Monday, May 21, at the Super 8 in Grangevill.
For more information you may contact: Jim Wagner at 983-0033, Jody Hoogland at 983-5585; Mickie Steiger at 935-7583 or Nicole Barnes at 509-242-8390.


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