"Where there's smoke, there's fire"
July 11, 2007 will mark the 100 year anniversary of the formation of the Cottonwood Volunteer Fire Department.  The following are some excerpts from meeting minutes and records of the department throughout the years.  There will be more history published each week prior to the anniversary.

Fire Department Members

The 1976 Fire Department Roster included: Fritz Nuttman, Bill Nuxoll, Dick Shultz, Don Hoene, Bernard Seubert, Fred Behler, Willy Mader, Rich Becker, Cliff Holthaus, Rich Beckman, John Duman, Bob Seubert, Bob Bowman, Jim Toennis, Garry Chaffee, Dave Shears, Joe Harrison, Everett Sonnen, Mark Tacke, Ed Gehring, Gene VonBargen, and Steve Uhlorn. 

Business Topics

May 21, 1934 – “Motion was made and seconded that the Telephone Girls be remembered with a box of candy apiece.”

January 17, 1939 – “Motion was made and seconded that collection of fines be dispensed with.  Motion lost.  Fines of $1.35 were collected.”

January 21, 1952 – “Motion made by Wm. E. Simon that it be the duty of any fireman to report the name of any fireman who drives over fire hose to the Village Marshall for proper procedure.  Seconded by John Seubert.  Motion carried.”

April 20, 1953 – “The Department decided to move their bell from the old hall to the new hall.”

1960 – The city paid the Fire Department $100 for each fireman who responded to fire calls during the year.  The Department paid each fireman $1.00 per fire call.  The remainder went into the Fire Department General Fund.

February 17, 1992 – “The fund raiser sponsored by the local bars raised $1,150.22 to go for the purchase of new fire pagers.  A special thank you is due to George and Pat Todd of the Royal Room for their efforts.”

February 20, 2006 – “Voted to pay for a foot massage for Colleen Sonnen as a reward for all her help in our fire safety/prevention training program at the Middle School.”

Fires & Emergency Response

August 16, 1955 – “A motion was made by Harold Mader that we pay Lester Reed and Fritz Nuttman $5.00 each for their run out to the Francis J. Nuxoll fire.  After some discussion, the motion was tabled.”

August 19, 1985 – We discussed the Danny Troutman fire.  It was a good learning experience.”

March 16, 1998 – “The vehicle fire and grass fire were discussed.  It was agreed that the fires went out after extinguishment procedures were applied.”

The Cottonwood Fire Department date unknown. Likely sometime in the 1950’s when the fire station was in the Community Hall. From left are Urbie Riener, Les Reed, Hans Bohnhof, Carl Schmidt, Harold Mader, Bill Nuxoll, Len Kuther, Fritz Nuttman, LeRoy Williams, Rollie Buettner, Walt Ruhogg, Herb Ahlers and Bud Madden. 

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