"Where there's smoke, there's fire"
July 11, 2007 will mark the 100 year anniversary of the formation of the Cottonwood Volunteer Fire Department.  The following are some excerpts from meeting minutes and records of the department throughout the years.  There will be more history published each week prior to the anniversary.
Fire Department Members
The 1966 Fire Department Roster included: Les Reed, Fritz Nuttman, Bud Sager, Bill Nuxoll, Walt Ruhoff, Urbie Riener, Al Kaus, Dick Schultz, Mark Tacke, Don Hoene, Bernie Seubert, Fred Behler, Dave Gehring, Harold Duman, Vic Gehring, Willie Mader, Rich Becker, Cliff Holthaus, and Jim Toennis.
Business Topics
August 16, 1954 – “The remainder of the meeting was spent taking the Studebaker out on practice runs to different parts of the town.  Also a lock was placed on the gas tank of the Ford truck.”
December 19, 1958 – “Roland Buettner suggested buying his wife a pair of nylons for doing the calling of the firemen.”  [ Note: For a number of years, the firemen were dispatched to fires by telephone calls.  The callers were the telephone operators or others such as wives of firemen.  They were usually compensated at the end of the year with nylon stockings or candy purchased by the Department.] 
August 17, 1981 – The Secretary will check with the City Council and Vince Hattrup about what coverage we have if we get killed at a fire.”
September 19, 1983 – “We are still having problems with kids using the restroom in the station.  Kevin Kaschmitter moved and Donnie Nuxoll seconded to buy an “Authorized Personnel Only” sign to put on the front door.”
February 20, 1995 – “The new Rural engine has been equipped with additional equipment.  We need to get familiar with it.  The old and the new Rural trucks were timed on a run to Preston’s house on Reservation Road.  The old truck was pushed and got there in 20 minutes.  The new truck, taking its time, arrived in 10 minutes.”
Fires & Emergency Response
October 21, 1957 – “Fritz Nuttman told the members about his experience at the John Forsman fire with the present air mask we are using and suggested we check into possibilities of securing a mask that would supply fresh oxygen.”
May 18, 1987 – “Last months fires were talked about.  Dave Fuzzel talked about the Riener fire.  Chief Rod Behler talked about the cabin fire outside of our District.  Rod also talked about the Dola Jones fire.  All fires went well.”

The Cottonwood Fire Department probably in 1977. No identifications were provided with the photo.

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