Middle School science fair winners named
Prairie Middle School held a Science Fair on May 22nd.   5th and 6th grade students participated in the Mars Rover program on May 5th  and some of the students displayed their rovers as Science Fair projects.  7th and 8th grade students displayed a variety of  projects expressing their understanding of Physical, Biological, and Chemical Science..   Thank you to Bruce Nuxoll, Rhonda Wemhoff, and Greg Deiss for judging the projects.
Grade 5 - 1st place  - Leah Holthaus  - How many pennies can an aluminum boat hold?; 2nd place Kayla Duclos Steamboat; 3rd place Kelzey Dvorak How much weight can a balloon hold?
Grade 6 - 1st place Kody Duclos How to build a robot grabber; 2nd place Claire Whitley How color affects taste; 3rd place Kendall Schumacher Does salt water boil faster than water?
Grade 7 - 1st place Cody Schumacher How to test fishing line; 2nd place Troy Lorentz Separating hydrogen and oxygen; 3rd place MaKayla Schaeffer Changing the freezing rate of water
Grade 8 - 1st place Danielle Cochran Gristmill; 2nd place Lauren Beshears Ping pong ball launcher; 3rd place Devin Schmidt Post puller.

Fifth grade winners in the Middle School science fair are Leah Holthaus and Kayla Duclos. Not shown is Kelsey Dvorak.

Sixth grade winners in the science fair are Kody Duclos, Claire Whitley and Kendall Schumacher. 

Seventh grade science fair winners were Cody Schumacher, Troy Lorentz and MaKayla Schaeffer.

Eighth grade science fair winners were Danielle Cochran, Lauren Beshears and Devon Schmidt.

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