"Where there's smoke, there's fire"
July 11, 2007 will mark the 100 year anniversary of the formation of the Cottonwood Volunteer Fire Department.  The following are some excerpts from meeting minutes and records of the department throughout the years.  There will be more history published each week prior to the anniversary.
Fire Department Members
The 1962 Fire Department Roster included:  Les Reed, Fritz Nuttman, Len Kuther, Bud Sager, Rollie Buettner, Bill Nuxoll, Walt Ruhoff, Herb Ahlers, Orville Chapman, Bud Madden, Urbie Riener, Harold Duman, Al Kaus, Dick Schultz, Mark Tacke, Don Hoene, and George Seubert.
Business Topics
April 13, 1940 – “The matter of taxation of the Village was discussed, also all trading stock on hand, in order to raise the dough to get that new Fire Truck and Pressure Pump.”
June 15, 1953 – “The names of the owners of cars that drove over fire hose at the last meeting were given Guy Huntley for action.  Carl Schmidt was instructed to submit a notice to the Chronicle regarding driving over fire hoses.”
March 19, 1956 – “Some discussion was held on what to do with a check for $38.00 from the Village of Cottonwood for calls made within the city limits during 1955.  Members agreed to place same in the Department’s General Fund.”
February 17, 1958 – “Motion made, seconded, and closed that Les Reed be re-elected Chief.  Everybody happy but new Chief.”
April 21, 1958 – After considerable discussion relating to the possibility of reimbursing firemen for clothing damaged during fire fighting, it was decided to table the subject indefinitely.”
February 19, 1996 – “Terry Cochran reported that he has been shopping for “Jaws-of-Life” rescue equipment and filing for grant money.  It will cost about $9,500, which will be covered by grant dollars (if approved) and donations.  A new account was opened with the $500 donated by VFW Post #4902.”
Fires & Emergency Response
April, 1964 – “The Cottonwood Volunteer Fire Department responded to a fire alarm about 3:30 Saturday afternoon when a flash fire broke out in the ground floor area of the former Mode Theater building on Main Street owned by Cletus Uhlorn. Don Hoene and David Lustig were laying linoleum when the linoleum paste evidently exploded and the fire spread rapidly through the room and ignited the stairway.  Six people upstairs, including 3 workmen and occupant Mrs. George Gehring and her visitor Mrs. Willard Lorentz and her 8-month-old son, were nearly trapped but were able to escape via a fire escape ladder installed only the day before.  Members of the Fire Department had streams of water on the flames within two minutes of the alarm and the fire was under control by the time the 1,000 gallon tank was emptied.”
August 21, 2000 – “The White Bird fire was discussed and procedures were reviewed.  It was decided that Brian Latimer snores worse than anyone on the crew.”

The above appeared in the the August 20, 1963 Lewiston Morning Tribune and tells about the brand new rural firetruck. If you check last week's update you'll see this is the truck the 1977 fire crew is posing with.

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