Middle School Student Council takes on project
MaKayla Schaeffer, Student Body President and Megan Sigler, Student Body Vice President have been organizing and cleaning many, many trophies and pictures found in storage at Prairie Middle School.  Pictures and trophie such as:  Megan Sigler and MaKayla Schaeffer with some of the trophies found in storage.Student Council 1948-1955; CHS Marching Band Class of 1935, 1962, 1963, 1965; 1931 Seniors Sitemanship Trophy; 1944 Sub-District Champions; 1948 First Place Prairie Conference Basketball; 1957 Boys Bowling Champions; 1942 Runner-Up Prairie Conferencen Basketball; 1958 Table Tennis Champions; 1937 Members of Mustang Squad CHS; 1927-28 CHS Boys Basketball Team and many more.
We would like to know what to do with the trophies, team picture, plaques etc.  If you are interested in looking at what is available, please come to the school on July 16 or 17 from 9:00 - 3:00  and take a look.  Some of the photos have been given to the Ferdinand City Council for display in their new gym and some have been taken to Prairie High School.  

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