Where there's smoke, there's fire
July 11, 2007 will mark the 100 year anniversary of the formation of the Cottonwood Volunteer Fire Department.  The following are some excerpts from meeting minutes and records of the department throughout the years.  There will be more history published each week prior to the anniversary.
Fire Department Members
The 1970 Fire Department Roster included:  Les Reed, Frances Nuttman, William Nuxoll, Albert Kaus, Richard Schultz, Mark Tacke, Don Hoene, Bernard Seubert, Fred Behler, Dave Gehring, Harold Duman, Wilfred Mader, Richard Becker, John Duman, Robert Seubert, and Robert Bowman.
Business Topics
May 15, 1939 – “It was agreed upon that the Fire Department purchase another Indian Pump.  Secretary was authorized to order the new pump.  It was also the wish of the Department members that four new water buckets shall be purchased as fire fighting equipment.”
January 24, 1944 – “Due to the agreement with the City Council of some time ago, regarding the loss suffered through damage to clothing of Fire Department members it was moved that the Chief present a bill to the amount of $1.00 for each and every member of the fire squad who after any fire reports to the fire station and assists with hanging up the hoses or otherwise may benefit by the aforesaid conditions.”
September, 1954 – “It was reported that the lock on the fuel tank of the fire truck is definitely saving us gas.”
December 15, 2003 – “Chief Behler reported that the town’s fire rating improved from a 5 to 4 which is excellent for a town our size.”
October 16, 2006 – “We will work at implementing the Ferdinand Mutual Aid Agreement.”
Fires & Emergency Response
March 1, 1974 – “Both fire trucks answered the call at the Broaster Café and Hotel at 5:15.  No serious damage was reported.  Apparently the fire started in a mattress in one of the rooms.  The firemen threw the mattress out of the building and smoke appeared to be the most serious damage.”
In 1992, there were 16 fire calls.
March 17, 2003 – “Chief Behler reported on the Greencreek shop fire.  He suggested the water tender should roll at once on such fires.  Also, we need to put bottled water on the engine.  The response time was excellent, 3 minutes to roll at 7:15 p.m.”
June 20, 2005 – “We reviewed the Schmidt dairy fire.  The water tender needs to run on the county radio frequency.  We need to watch each others conditions, take breaks, and rehabilitate.  We discussed control of the fire scene.”

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