2007 ACS Clearwater To Salmon Rivers Relay For Life Results
The 2007 American Cancer Society’s Clearwater To Salmon Rivers Relay For Life event was once again a wonderful success and many thanks go out to each one of the committee chairpersons for all their hard work and countless hours of volunteer time to make this event a success.  Over $60,000 was raised from our area with more still coming in.  The majority of this money will go to research in the effort to make better treatments for cancer patients and also in the endeavor to find a cure to stop this disease which has affected so many of our local people.  A portion of the money raised also goes to the many programs that ACS sponsors and there are plans in the works right now to utilize some of those programs very soon.  We have many, many corporate sponsors who are responsible for helping to make our event happen.  We are so proud of them and want to thank them by shopping locally thus enabling them to continue to sponsor this awesome event right here at home.  We also have to thank the 29 teams and their team captains for making our Relay the fun and exciting event that it continues to be.  You continue to make our local communities very proud by coming up with new and innovative ideas of fundraising thus making preparing for the actual event as fun and exciting beforehand as well as during the Relay.  On that note here are the results of the award ceremony:
Most Laps by individual:  Marsha Hall with 120 laps Team:Ketchum Day Care
Most Laps by Team:  Treasure Life Team with 852 Laps
Best Decorated Camp:  The Elks Lodge BPOE 1825
Best Decorated Camp by Individuals:  Team of Maxine
Top Money Earned by Team:  Race for the Cure....$7060.02
2nd Place Money Earned by a Team:  Spirit Walkers.......$6337.65
Top Money Earned by Indiviual:  Sister Mary Kay Henry.......$4600.00
2nd Place Money Earned by an Individual:  Lee McDade........$2250.00
Spirit Award:  Treasure Life Team
Congratulations to each team and each individual!!  Thank you so much for your participation in Relay For Life!!  
There is an “after Relay” wrap-up party scheduled for Monday, August 13 at 6:30 pm at Oscar’s Restaurant for all committee chairpersons and all team captains.  We will be looking for input on ways to improve for next year so please bring your thoughts and ideas with you.  There may be some open committees so if you are interested in helping to plan the 2008 event you are also invited to attend.  Please call Jody at 983-5885 or email at sunshinejoe@hotmail.com for any questions.


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