Recycling program changes
Walco has notified the Prairie Community Library that they will no longer be a part of the recycling program for the Cottonwood area by providing a roll off bin to store recyclables in and then hauling the filled roll off bin to Pacific Steel and Recycling in Lewiston.  It was a win, win situation, volunteers collected and worked the recycling, the Library received the recycling dollars, the landfills didn’t receive thousands of pounds of waste nor did it have to be hauled to Montana or Southern Idaho.
The Library’s major fundraising project, the recycling program, will have a new look if it is to continue.  Your continued support of turning ordinary everyday waste into dollars for the Library through this recycling program is greatly appreciated.  The only items that can be accepted are aluminum cans, newspapers, magazines, and corrugated cardboard.  In order to accept the contribution the aluminum cans, newspapers, magazines and corrugated cardboard has to be bundled, or bagged separately.  
The aluminum cans do not need to be smashed, but more will fit in a bag if compacted.  Magazines, catalogs or what looks like magazines needs to be bundled either by bagging or tying. Papers that come within the newspapers may be bundled together with the newspapers. Corrugated cardboard is the 3 ply cardboard that can be accepted, not “chipboard” such as cereal boxes, shoe boxes or candy boxes; boxes need to be flattened, tied or stuffed into one box.  
The Library volunteers need your help to continue this program.  The recyclables may be taken to Pacific Steel and Recycling in Lewiston or dropped off at the old recycling site, but then it has to be taken to Lewiston.  If you are making a trip to Lewiston and would like to help by taking a load, little or big with you, contact Cindy Wilson at 962-7725 for information.  The Library will receive a contribution effort pay for the donation of the four categories, an individual would only receive pay for the aluminum.  Pacific Steel and Recycling needs to be informed upon your arrival that the load is to be credited to the Prairie Community Library account. They are located at 604 12th Street North, Lewiston, Idaho.  Their hours are Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturdays, 8 a.m. to noon, 1-888-455-3598. 

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