Response to 9/11
The Junior English classes at Prairie High School, taught by Sarah Remacle, have been studying the events of September 11, 2001. After reading a novel, reading poetry, and watching documented footage, students were asked to complete “Headline Poetry,” in which they were to respond personally to 9/11 using words out of headlines from magazines and newspapers.  The outcome of the project was incredible, and we would like to share a couple of examples with you.  The creativity and thought that was put into the poems are great.  Enjoy!

A fall morning of sunshine in 
America turns into the worst news
a researcher can put across the 
television.  A blast hits US 
for life.
A revolution ruined.
  By: Brandon Ross

Blue sky beautiful day
  Then it hit
The black explosion that changed society
  The powerful collapse that cost so many live
The wicked experience that will never be forgotten
  Ultimate sight unraveled
Effect: injury death hate and war
  What is it all for?
Power honor attention
  When is it all going to stop?
I guess a loving understanding perfect world is only found in dreams!
  By: Britney Gehring

Sun perfect city
Bang! Blast!
Hazzardous “Attack”
Dusty city.
Thousands searching, truth, strength,
Real life
Heroes killed
Fast forward
 What’s next
  Never let go
Every life first.  I love NY
  By: Camille Schumacher 

Above are all the students' projects on the wall in the classroom.

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