Raffle prize winners named
The Assumption Parish annual dinner was held this past Sunday, Nov. 4 and the following are the winners in the prize drawing.
Fred Arnzen won $100 cash donated anonymously.
Norm Sonnen won $100 donated by Virgil and Rose Frei.
Katie Remacle won $100 donated by Harman Agency.
Dani Sonnen won $100 donated by Mick and Joan Kinzer.
Lloyd Nuxoll won $100 donated by Tom Wimer Trucking.
Twyla Schnider won a George Foreman Grill donated by Julie Lurwig.
John Kuther won $50 cash donated anonymously.
Linda Vacura won $50 cash donated by Fredís Body Shop.
Don Funke won $50 donated by Willie and Emelia Frei.
Bill Jacobs won $50 donated by John and Mary Funke.
Michelle Schaeffer won $50 donated in memory of Elsie Kinzer.
Tom Nuttman won $50 donated by GTS Schwartz Trucking, Inc.
Susan Kinzer won $50 donated by Maurus and Karen Uhlorn.
Norm Sonnen won $50 cash donated by Westlake Enterprises.
Rita Wimer won an Afghan donated by Don & Theresa Funke.
Greg Higgins won $30 donated anonymously.
Noah Geis won $25 donated by Clearwater Concrete, Inc.
Tim Holthaus won $25 donated by Vince and Caroline Frei.
Angie Roberts won $25 donated by Ferdinand Storage.
Morgan Poxleitner won a $25 Gift Certificate donated by Keuterville Pub & Grub.
Trina Geis won $25 donated by Seubert Excavators, Inc.
Bertie Forsmann won $25 donated by Valley Paving & Asphalt, Inc.
John Kuther won 7 bundles of maple strips donated by Hubert and Clara Frei.
Alia Riggers won a hand-braided belt donated by Lew & Polly Hollandsworth.
Mason McHugh, Katie Remacle, Mick Forsman, Marvin Wittman, Alan Hoene and Tony Koepl each won a 2 for 1 steak dinner prize donated by the Halfway Club.
There were 3 additional prizes that you had to be present to win donated by Eloise Riener. Viola Uhling and Ella Schaeffer each won $20 and Tim Holthaus won $10.

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