Pratt is national essay winner
CeCe Pratt of Boise has been named the grand prize winner in the essay portion Paralyzed Veterans of America’s 4th annual Veterans Day Poster and Essay Contest.
Her essay was selected from more than 800 entries received from across the country. As the grand prize winner, she received an all-expense paid trip to Washington, D.C. for the 2007 Veterans Day ceremonies this past weekend. She attended the ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery and the Paralyzed Veterans of America reception where her winning essay was unveiled. In addition a plaque will be presented to her school, St. Mary’s Catholic School of Boise.
Cece, a 6th grader, is the daughter of Shawn and Roni Pratt of Boise and the granddaughter of Merna and the late George Gehring of Cottonwood and Chuck and Jane Pratt of Kooskia.
Following is her winning essay:
Veterans Day
Veterans Day is a day when the country remembers how American soldiers sacrificed themselves to protect our way of life and when we can show them how thankful, we are, in many different ways.
Veterans have always sacrificed for our country. Some have risked their lives while fighting in a war or other battle, and others by protecting our borders or our country's interests. Many have been injured or even killed. But the veterans have never given up; they continued to do their work and stood by their promise to help keep their country safe and our rights protected.
Some risked their own family relationships while serving this country. Veteran's families have always worried about their soldiers. Some of their families grew closer because of their sacrifice, while others couldn't stay together. I bet what hurts the most for the families is being so close and just having to watch as the soldier goes off to serve and then the family members know they might not ever see the soldier again. The families never gave up and had to stay strong.
Other veterans even risked their faith to serve their country. I know that most people probably believe that it is wrong to kill another person, and I think soldiers have to reconcile that belief with serving their country. I find it hard to believe that a solider doesn't question God while they are serving for their country. The injustices that they see while doing their job probably require them to ask many questions of their faith.
Understanding all of these sacrifices made by our soldiers, helps us to understand more about why we celebrate Veterans Day. It also helps us to understand that if it were not for the dedication of our veterans we would not be free and be in a place where we are safe.
On Veterans Day our country remembers its veterans by celebrating their great accomplishments. Sometimes the celebration involves a parade, and sometimes there might be a rally with veterans and their families as speakers. People even put up flags to commemorate the veterans. Whatever the manner of celebration, I think that it is important to honor those who have sacrificed for others in a way that provides encouragement to their families and fellow soldiers as well as to celebrate our appreciation for them.
We all love our veterans and should celebrate them every day... . . . not just once a year.
Thank you Veterans! 
CeCe Pratt 6th grade

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