This week’s topics focus on two areas – upcoming training and “blogs.”
 TRAINING:  Idaho Horizons announces this opportunity for free training to anyone in a Horizons community such as our “Quad Cities” of Cottonwood, Keuterville, Greencreek, and Ferdinand.
The title of the training is “Non-Profits that Work”! which focuses on aiding small, rural communities in assessing need and logistics of developing non-profit organizations.
When: Thurs. December 6th, 2007 – 9 AM – 3 PM – Lunch included
Where: Super 8 Grangeville, 801 SW 1st Street, Grangeville, Idaho 83530
The training will be taught by a highly respected and accomplished trainer, Kay Sohl.  Kay is the Co-founder and Executive Director of TACS (Technical Assistance for Community Services) based out of Portland, OR.  The day-long training will answer questions such as; why should our Horizons steering committee or action committees consider developing a non-profit, how should we structure the board, what is the right insurance coverage, and what are the financial/tax implications associated?  Kay is widely recognized for her ability to communicate technical/financial subject matter to people without technical/financial backgrounds.  Persons interested in attending should register with Idaho Horizons.  Please contact Program Assistant Meri Joswiak or call her at (208) 885-8949 by Dec. 1st to reserve your space.   
*The Idaho Horizons Program is funded by the Northwest Area Foundation, and is in partnership with the University of Idaho Extension.  Its mission is to reduce poverty by increasing community leadership.
BLOG:  You may ask, “What is a blog?”  A blog is a regularly updated website consisting of regular article postings.  Sometimes there are links to and from other blogs and traditional websites.  A blog tends to be focused on one topic or issue and usually invites comments from readers on the posted articles, starting a conversation between writer (called a blogger) and the readers.  A blog is usually written in an informal and personal style.
The blog is a natural networking vehicle.  Readers interact with the writer through the blog comments.  Contacts often lead to many shared ideas as well as shared business and civic opportunities.
Postings may include upcoming meeting dates, requests for help in upcoming events, and helpful ideas the readers might have regarding some of the action plans the community action groups are working on.
You can access our community blog on the computer by going to -- then click on Cottonwood, ID to read the latest update.

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