Notes From Pat
Monday morning and I watch the snow come down here in Cottonwood.  With Thanksgiving on Thursday, winter seems to have fallen on the Prairie. 
With out any wind the snow has coated trees and fences with a heavy white coating.
Mothers are looking for caps, mittens, and scarves this morning as the children just look at the snow and think of sledding and building snowmen or a good old snowball fight.  A dose of snow down the collar is “so” refreshing.
At this time mothers are busy deciding how many pies, cookies, how but a turkey, how much dressing and how many potatoes to peel.  How many coming up for dinner Thursday, are the roads going to be okay, can everyone make the trip. 
This fall many of the merchants decorated with Halloween and fall colors to make our town more festive. 
Soon lights and decorations go up for the Christmas Holiday season, the food bank will be looking for food and gifts for the annual basket drive and many people will think of those not here for the holidays this year. 
The Wherry family would like to say, Happy Thanksgiving, as you spend time with family and friends.


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